Triple D name.. Dawn Dascomb after 30 years at Green Acres has moved to Kensington, NH April 1st.... new adventures.. dressage, cross country, stadium courses, day camps, lessons, IEA Team, clinics, trails and leases. Same great program... new location. 
Call or Text Us at (603) 978-4551 to Reach Dawn Dascomb who is now at Kenridge in East Kingston, NH
To Reach the new business that is working out of Green Acres Stables in Madbury- Victory Gallop @ Green Acres contact Julie Howard 603-494-7768

It's about the love of the horse!!

We are making the move to a smaller, newer facility to be able to focus on teaching, training, day camps and the horses. 



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Mail: Dawn Dascomb 88 Freeman Hall Road Nottingham, NH 03290

Location: Kenridge Stables 191 North Road  East Kingston, NH

603-978-4551  email: