Triple D name.. Dawn Dascomb after 30 years at Green Acres has moved to Kensington, NH April 1st.... new adventures.. dressage, cross country, stadium courses, day camps, lessons, IEA Team, clinics, trails and leases. Same great program... new location. 
Call or Text Us at (603) 978-4551 to Reach Dawn Dascomb who is now at Kenridge in East Kingston, NH

It's about the love of the horse!!

Green Acres Equestrians IEA Team

Green Acres has a Hunt Seat High School and Middle School Team and a Dressage High School and Middle School Team- see our Facebook for all the results and pictures.



High School and Middle School Dressage Teams qualified for Regionals

Thanks to some great riding from all our riders we will be heading to Apple Knoll Farm on March 6th for Regionals